You’ve finished your manuscript, went through a few rewrites, sent it off to a few friends for betareading, and you made it as polished as humanly possible.

Great! That means it’s time to find an editor. I can help you with that.

Content Editing

Content editing (or developmental editing, as it’s often called) is the most in-depth form of editing. It’s a substantive edit, including revisions, offering rewrite suggestions. I look for unrealistic dialogue, flat characters, point of view errors, “telling” instead of showing, info dumping, lack of character development, plot holes, etc. First, I do a read-through of the entire manuscript, and write a document about its strengths and weaknesses, and the general problems I found in the manuscript. Then I go through it one more time, chapter by chapter, and give comments on what needs rewrites, what needs to be changed, and any content errors I spot.

I use MS Word, and the “Track Changes” function. However, during content editing, I usually don’t change the text, but instead I leave comments in the manuscript.

My turnaround time for content editing is one month, depending on manuscript length and my schedule. Manuscripts shorter than 20k words, which usually be finished within a week. If you need a faster turnaround time, then get in touch, and I’ll send you a price quote. The fastest turnaround time I can do for content editing would be two weeks.

Line Editing

Line editing means I do a line-by-line review of your manuscript and point out its weaknesses, like passive voice, weak words, “telling” instead of showing, repetitive sentences, awkward paragraph structure. Line-editing doesn’t focus on content, but instead focuses on the prose itself, like word choice, paragraph structure, sentence flow, and so on. For this type of editing, I don’t start with an initial read-through, but get to the editing right away.

I use MS Word and the “Track Changes” function. Sometimes I’ll leave comments, sometimes I’ll change the text itself. With the “Track Changes” feature, you can easily see what text I changed.

My turnaround time for line editing is one month, depending on manuscript length and my schedule. If you need a faster turnaround time, then get in touch, and I’ll send you a price quote. The fastest turnaround time I can do for line editing, would be two weeks.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is the final stage in the editing process – right before proofreading. Here I check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, look for continuity errors (for example, in one chapter you mention the main character has blonde hair, and in the next chapter, he suddenly has black hair). There are no substantial rewrites or revisions, and I will not give any suggestions as to story or plot.

My rate is $500 for a manuscript up to 70,000 words, and $750 for manuscripts up to 100,000 words. For each 10,000 words above that, I charge an extra $125.

My turnaround time for copy editing is one week for manuscripts shorter than 20k words. Longer manuscripts tend to take up to two weeks. If you need a faster turnaround time, then get in touch, and I’ll send you a price quote. The fastest I can do for copy editing, five days.

The Full Edit

If you need a full edit, which includes content editing, line editing and eventually copy editing, then this package is for you. I start by reading the manuscript in full, and giving comments on content, story and plot. Then I go through it again, chapter by chapter, and do a full content edit. Then I send it back to you, and you can revise the manuscript based on my suggestions.

When you send it back to me, I’ll start line editing your manuscript. Once I’m done, I’ll get it back to you, and you can accept my changes and suggestions. Then I do another round of editing, copy editing this time, and then your manuscript is good to go.

This is the full edit, the one you’d get with a publisher, an editor who will help you and your manuscript from start to finish.

Not sure what edits you need?

If you’re not sure what edits your manuscript would need, just contact me for a quote, and send your manuscript along. I’ll take a look, and let you know my thoughts.


If you’re a  publisher, I’m available to work for a fee + royalty percentage as well.


  • Please keep in mind that it takes a while to edit your manuscript. I’ve mentioned above how long it takes to edit a manuscript, but when you send it to me, that doesn’t mean I can start editing right away. Take a look at the schedule in the sidebar to see if I’m booked or not for the following months. It might take a month or longer, depending on my workload, before I can start editing your manuscript.
  • Once I get back to you about your manuscript, I require a 20% deposit of the agreed-upon quote for editing before I get started.


Still interested? Fill in the form here, and I’ll get back to you within 72 hours. If the form doesn’t work, or you’d rather just shoot me an email, that works too.






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