Crimson Malice

Title:  Crimson Malice

Author: Maese Delta

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: December 28, 2016

Publisher: Fear Front Publishing

Job Description: Editing and Formatting


Omina is the daughter of a healer/witch named Erzeb. During one of her antics when she was a child, she chanced upon a fresh kill of a deer, being dragged by a wolf. The sight of blood, its intense red color and the signal of a successful predator and a condemned prey was something grisly yet, at the same time, completely impossible to watch. Since that day, she developed a strange fascination with blood: the liquid that propelled different walks of life, that fueled passions and which color was irresistible. But even for witches, despite their quirks, it is not a good sign to keep an odd habit, to let anyone else know about it. For how long can it be kept secret before it turns for the worse if the comings and goings of life don’t trigger it if one can truly have control over his or her own will. And though not all words remain unsaid, especially to oneself, during her growth, Omina will have to deal with her fascination so it never takes a turn for the worse. Perhaps, with the luck of a charm, she will get to feel appeased, a hope for finding a cure. Throughout her life, Omina will attempt to live impervious to her strange fascination for as long as she can, hoping to ignore every situation that can trigger it. And nature has a whole variety of circumstances than can be beyond her control, and one of them might already linger inside her.

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