Hatchet Horror

Title: Hatchet Horror

Author: Jeremy Terry and L. Michael Wooten

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: May 10, 2017

Publisher: Fear Front Publishing

Job Description: Editing and Formatting


For Kevin and his group of friends their yearly camping trip is like coming home.

This year they are venturing into the wilds of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, unaware that they are headed straight into the bowels of Hell.

The Hatchet Man is the name the media gave to the most prolific serial killer in Tennessee’s history. Everyone believed him dead at the hands of the police many years ago, but sometimes dead isn’t forever, but sometimes there is a way back.

When the group of campers happens upon the Hatchet Man’s remote cabin miles from civilization a chain of events is set in motion that will paint the mountains blood red. With one of their own taken by the Hatchet Man, Kevin and the others must make a desperate dash through the forest with the specter of a killer hunting them.

Will any of them reach the bottom of the mountain, or will the Hatchet Man carve a new legacy of terror into their flesh?


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