Peace and Quiet. Time and Space.

Title: Peace and Quiet. Time and Space.

Author: J.G. Clay

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: December 28, 2016

Publisher: Fear Front Publishing

Job Description: Editing and Formatting


Murder is illegal… even in Hell Damon Cyrus is the envy of his fellow Daemossi; young, powerful, favored by the Dread Lord himself– Shaytan Lucifer. On the eve of the Night Sabbath, Hell’s unholiest holiday, Damon is about to crush the Human Uprising once and for all, earning a place in Hell’s Highest Council. Outwitted by Mister Gondaphares, the leader of the rebellion, Cyrus is powerless to prevent a terrorist outrage against the demonic offspring of Hell’s Highest Houses. Shamed, shunned, and suspended from office, a frustrated Damon has a chance encounter that will change his existence forever. Forced to go on the run for a murder he has no memory of, Cyrus will lose friends, encounter old enemies, and uncover secrets about himself and the realm he calls home– secrets that will transform him forever. J.G. Clay, the author of Tales of Blood and Sulphur as well as Apocalypse Minor, presents a new vision of Hell– a once noble society, now decaying, corrupt, and ripe for revolution.

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