Post Encounter

4629823761_294x375Title:  Post Encounter

Author: Casper Jean Rimbaud

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: September 25, 2016

Publisher: Fear Front Publishing

Job Description: Editing and Formatting

Synopsis: After discovering that we are not alone in the universe….you will soon wish that we were.The Patterson’s were a normal family, that is until their seventeen year old daughter, Sarah, bares witness to a dark truth…HERS IS NO ORDINARY CLOSE ENCOUNTERHe came from the stars,a freakish genetic mutation, part alien, and part man.A deranged extra terrestrial experimentcovered up by the government which is utterly helpless in the face of a power incomprehensible and an evil unspeakableThe Pattersons are now under ITS control, a soulless, murderous, monstrosity clad in angel flesh with it’s own blood-thirsty agenda for all humanityTHERE IS NO DEFENSE- SUBMISSION IS KEY TO SURVIVAL.

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