Seduced by a River

29079440Title:  Seduced by a River

Author: C.C. Havens

Genre:  Memoir

Release Date: February 9, 2016

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Editing

Synopsis: C.C. Havens’ prince didn’t ride in on a white horse. He pulled up to her yoga studio in a red Nissan truck packed with two kayaks, a raft, a mountain bike and a pair of skis. Before she could say Om Shanti she was having multiple orgasms at his remote cabin in the Colorado Rockies; backcountry skiing the Tetons; paddling Class IV + rivers and backpacking through the bush of New Zealand where he proposed. But eight months into her marriage she realized she wasn’t the only object of her passionate man’s passion. How she contends with her husband’s obsession for whitewater and the erotic outdoor adventures (and misadventures) that ensue, are the heart and soul of this memoir of one woman’s journey of sexual and spiritual self-discovery. From the summit of snowy 12,000-foot peaks to the depths of the Grand Canyon, Havens’ clever use of outdoor adventure as a metaphor for the peaks and valleys of marriage puts Seduced By A River in a genre of its own: nature-inspired erotica.

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