The Binding Book Two: Wicked Woman, Wicked World

4629897927_312x373Title:  The Binding Book Two: Wicked Woman, Wicked World

Author: Rob DiLauro

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: September 25, 2016

Publisher: Fear Front Publishing

Job Description: Editing and Formatting

Synopsis: Book Two of the Epic Three Part Horror Saga After being deceived by Will Thompson to unleash the power of Sara and her mass possession on the women of the planet, Jason Cain unwittingly bands together with a small group of men in his apartment building, and meets a kindred spirit, a man named John Robertson, who has lost a son and agrees to help Jason in his journey to save his own. Will Thompson enters into his own troubles and enters into an otherwordly plane in his mind where he will hopefully seek answers to the terror he was sworn to bring about through his legacy And Jason’s only love and ex-wife, Elizabeth Rinehart will soon become the ultimate weapon of evil when she becomes one with her vengeful ancestor, the evil young witch who has vowed man’s destruction. The time for Sara Rinehart’s true return is now! This chapter of the story is filled with PURE survival horror, answered questions, Sara’s origins of evil, and is a true opening to the end of this epic horror saga.

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