The Binding: The Complete Saga

Title:  The Binding: The Complete Saga

Author: Rob DiLauro

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: December 28, 2016

Publisher: Fear Front Publishing

Job Description: Editing and Formatting


Will man be unmade or will love and magick prevail to end the tyranny of Sara? The Binding is a three part horror saga that has been sold around the world and has been acclaimed in the genre for many years. For the first and final time the terrifying tale is available as one full volume, a bloody, emotional, and mystifying adventure that will not allow you to have a breath and plays out like a film in your mind. Enter the world of Jason Cain, a man who fatefully meets the woman who would be his wife and mother of his child, Elizabeth Rinehart. Together, they become successful and begin to unravel slowly. After their horrible split and consequent divorce, Jason is a broken man with redemption on his mind, He desires the heart of his ex-wife and will spiral into a hidden universe of deception and darkness to retrieve it. He calls upon a mysterious young man named Will Thompson, an individual with power, a pawn with a dark legacy behind him that shrouds the now broken writer. Through a spell, Jason Cain is enticed by greed and pain to a contract that will utterly bring on man’s end, a gift of deception named Sara, a powerful eighteenth-century witch with an agenda, to bring balance to the present by creating an army, a coven of her own making meant to do her bidding, every woman on the planet. The Binding is a journey into the supernatural, into the human condition, an epic and action-packed journey toward Jason Cain’s redemption and the destruction wrought by Sara’s evil agenda.

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