The Gatekeeper’s Forbidden Secret

23148346Title: The Gatekeeper’s Forbidden Secret

Author: Penelope A. Brown

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade

Release Date: December 5, 2014

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Full Edit (Content Editing / Line Editing / Copy Editing)

Synopsis: When forbidden, eye-opening truths about the secrets of the universe are exposed, an unlikely team scramble to save worlds and each other.


Colin and his sister Addy stumble upon the adventure of a lifetime. Due to some very questionable behavior, and the need to preserve their fathers business interests, they find themselves forced to work at the castle of the gatekeeper.

They befriend the gatekeeper’s nephew, and trust him with an unbelievable story. The nephew is determined to help his new friends, despite his own kept secrets. They all venture into the unknown, trying to figure out what the truth really is. Along the way they encounter colorful creatures, monsters, and traitors. They question their own reality, their strength, and their weaknesses. They discover that things are not always what they seem.



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