It’s May already?

Where did the time go? Last I updated this blog was back in January, but since then, I finished a few editing projects, and I have a lot more projects waiting for me in May and June.

Several books I worked on have since been released. I posted the covers below, and the covers link to Amazon or Goodreads.

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Not bad for a few months work, eh?

Most of those are paranormal romance or erotic romance, but “Roses are Red…Violet is Dead” is a YA book, and “A Fate Worse Than Death” is a mystery with paranormal elements and humor.

For May, I’m working on several more titles. I’m proofreading The Dead Cat Paradox by S.E. Rise and Under the Gun by B.L. Morticia. I’m also editing The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Barnerose by Matthew Catania and Dangerous Concoctions by Victoria Bright.




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