Simmering (Simmering #1)

25550478Title: Simmering (Simmering #1)

Author: S.E. Rise

Genre: Erotic Romance / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 13, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis: The idea came to her as she sipped at her Mochaccino, though at the time she didn’t recognize it. With an old issue of Cosmo casually perched before her, Romance novelist Allison Fairchild focused on the title of the article at the top of the page. What type of working man makes the best lover? She is surprised at the results…and her eyes switch to the fun loving, sexy men across the street. What is the mystique behind the gorgeous muscle bound Firemen? Is it true what the urban myth and legends say? What kind of stories would the Firemen be willing to tell her?

This is California and everyone’s story is for sale. Her Publicist sets it up and she has a little office inside their Fire station. What she gets is far more than just a handful of sex stories for a novel? Ali is on an unexpected adventure that will have her rewriting everything she knows about men, their exotic tastes and what it is they truly desire.

His men call him the Captain; it is his shift and his Fire Station. She knew the first time she saw him that she had to have him. It doesn’t hurt that he looks like a Norse God and may actually throw a mighty hammer. She discovers the hard way that the Captain has a secret and dangerous lifestyle…One that sends her spiraling down into his wild and reckless embrace.

Through raging fires, and stalking mad men, the flames begin to grow and her temperature is starting to rise. She must follow their agreed upon rules or risk losing everything. How long can she continue to simmer before she gives into her own carnal desire, says “To hell with the rules” and let’s it all boil over?

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