The Idea of North

tIoN-FINAL-HR-Cover-420x648Title: The Idea of North

Author: Alex Kimmell

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: September 21, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis: When piano prodigy, Dalton Beaufort, plays his music people die.

Devastation is all that remains as storms of unprecedented size rage across the country side.
An elite group of Storm Trackers catch on camera a strange shape at the base of the largest tornado ever recorded.

Uncanny haunted melodies play upon the gales as whirlwinds churn and blow the world away.
Dalton must do everything in his power to discover what links him to the mysterious tempests, and avoid traveling along the path of a grim family tradition.

After all, death and music run in the family.

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