Under The Gun 2

28684383Title:  Under The Gun 2

Author: B.L. Morticia

Genre:  M/M Erotic Romance

Release Date: January 15, 2016

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis:  After Malik has successfully completed the tests to be a private investigator, he moves in and makes improvements to the Hardy and Day agency. Though Camdyn isn’t thrilled with the changes, he goes along with them because he loves Malik first and foremost. He only wishes that Malik would tell his parents to get off his back and let him be.

With Hardy and Day PI agency fully operational, Malik and Camdyn get their first case; a millionaire checking out a potential man for his daughter. He wants him followed, everything checked to the letter before he allows them to marry, but just before they deem him squeaky clean, the young man has a secret that could conflict with their work as independent investigators.

Malik and Camdyn have to do what’s right for them as well as they’re clients, but how will they satisfy everyone without compromising their personal beliefs?

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