To Live Without

29219248Title:  To Live Without

Author: Erin Cawood

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 14, 2016

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis: What really happened between Sean Anderson and Ashleigh Jordan?

The night before Christmas, Ashleigh Jordan stands outside a hotel room, begging for permission to be let inside. She’s walked off set mid-filming, canceled her promotional commitments and abandoned her mother’s big family Christmas, to fly across the country in search of the married man she’s been in love with for her entire adult life. And right now, Sean Anderson neither wants nor needs her help.

In the light of his wife’s betrayal, Sean wants nothing and no one, except an alcoholic fast track to oblivion. But to add insult to injury, Ashleigh won’t go away. Her presence serves only as a reminder that two-and-a-half years ago Sean had been the one on the verge of an affair Ashleigh didn’t turn up to have.

Now that his marriage is over, there’s nothing standing in Sean’s way, except a door. Will he open it?

Hidden Carmina

9781513707020_p0_v1_s192x300Title:  Hidden Carmina

Author: Adri Sinclair

Genre:  Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Release Date: January 29, 2016

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis: To live, she has to die, to die, she has to love – and to love, she has to face her own history founded in mythology! Carmina Nightshade is 22 years old, and feels as if her entire life has been one big illusion when she learns that her family and clan are not human. This unsettling revelation leads to a deeper understanding of their peculiar behavior around her, though it brings very little comfort. She now knows she triggers their hunting instinct by simply being around them, testing their resolve! Now begins the turbulent journey of self discovery, perilous dangers and buried truths. As Carmina learns that her entire identity is a lie, she also meets with the dark and brooding Liam Moretti. The act of falling in love becomes a burden with catastrophic consequences for both of them. Carmina will soon learn, however, that this problem pales by comparison to the darkness that lurks within herself. She is not exactly angelic descended.

The Vanilla Bet

28377157Title:  The Vanilla Bet

Author: Ella Emerson

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Release Date: December 27, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

SynopsisHandsome bad boy college student Trace Weston surfs, parties, and has a blast in the Palm Beaches as much as possible, sometimes avoiding class and definitely not excited about his imminent future working for his father’s company. Lovely Vanessa Summers has escaped a dark, haunting past and moved to Florida to attend the same school and study writing. When she meets Trace, she is instantly taken with his irresistible charm. The bad news: she meets him because he’s lost a poker bet and is sentenced to a 30-day “vanilla” relationship with this girl he knows nothing about. While both Trace and Vanessa struggle to keep their secrets hidden, they can’t deny how attracted and excited they are about each other. But their pasts and promises threaten to erupt around them. Will they be able to find who and what is trying to keep them apart and still not lose The Vanilla Bet?

Percocet Dreams

28637265Title:  Percocet Dreams

Author: Dana LaKat

Genre:  Poetry

Release Date: November 29, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis: How many times can a person die? How many times can a person try to die and fail? How many times do bones have to break and dreams have to shatter to stop the pain? How much do you have to hate? How much blood do you have to spill for the pain to stop, shake you inside and make you desire life once again? This is the story of my nightmares and inner demons written through dark poetry, journal entries and my own artistic imagery. It is how I fell down, broke my crown and the ugliness was transformed into morbid beauty. The ghosts that scream inside my head to get out…are waiting to crawl into yours.

Escaping the Prince

9781513705668_p0_v1_s192x300Title:  Escaping the Prince

Author: Lorraine O’Byrne

Genre:  Children’s Book / Middle Grade

Release Date: December 8, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis: Buttercup Hickleberry is a mischievous, devil may care, pixie from Brandydook Kingdom. Much to her astonishment and dismay, she is selected to be Prince Morgan’s bride. In fear of losing her independence, she escapes to the land of humans where adventure and terror lurk at every turn. While Buttercup battles deadly spiders and gigantic birds, amongst other things, Brandydook and all the pixies are catapulted into terrible danger and only she holds the key to its survival. Prince Morgan must find Buttercup and return her to his homeland before it’s too late. 

Cream on the Crop

28577533Title:  Cream on the Crop

Author: Margie Church

Genre:  Erotic Romance

Release Date: November 29, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

SynopsisNeha Thompson’s new farm seems the perfect place to escape the spotlight of politics and create a new life – until peculiar events bring the sheriff to her door.

Jamaal Cooper angered some of the locals during the 1948 Freedom Train movement. His body was found on Neha’s farm, and his murder remains unsolved. His restless spirit has harassed the property owners for over 60 years, driving them away one by one.

When Jamaal uncovers Neha’s most secret desires, she’s faced with a choice to submit to this ghostly Master or be driven away like the owners before her.

Sinning (Simmering #2)

28084456Title:  Sinning (Simmering #2)

Author: S.E. Rise

Genre:  Erotic Romance

Release Date: November 29, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis:  Sinning is the second book in Simmering series and continues the erotic and thrilling story of Ali and the Captain. The Captain has disappeared, the mental ghost of her ex-boyfriend is driving her to distraction and she met a smiling preacher man she does not like.

At what point do you begin the hunt for the man you love? Where would you even begin to start the search? What if you discover things you might not want to know about your missing lover?

The mental ghost of James will not leave her alone. Why does she keep seeing him? Why does he keep talking to her? It isn’t her fault he’s dead. Is it?

The preacher man doesn’t seem to like her very much either and there is something very wrong and odd about him. Worse yet, he has an army of faithful parishioners and a horde of zealous protesters at his beck and call. When they start following her she realizes she might have a problem.

She can only take care of one problem at a time though and the first thing on her list is to find the Captain. But, what if he doesn’t want to be found? What if he is dead?

Join Ali, once again, as she steps to the thrilling proverbial edge, flirts with the raw sensual power of the sexy firemen and tries, above all else, not to get herself killed.

Straight From The Heart

28241538Title:  Straight from the Heart

Author: Breigh Forstner

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 15, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis:  Cale Pelton didn’t want to fall in love.

Fresh off a breakup, he was scrambling to find a new lead guitarist for his band, Everlasting, before they went on tour. He wanted to enjoy being single, singing his heart out nightly to fans.

Never did he expect to meet Bryn Schaefler, the sassy rich girl that would change his life.

Bryn left her parents’ house with only her suitcase and guitar, leaving her old life behind her. She nails the band audition and becomes Everlasting’s new lead guitarist. Bryn didn’t want to find Cale attractive, let alone develop a crush on a bandmate. But when trouble starts to find the band, Bryn starts to believe her family will do whatever it takes to get her home.

Will Cale and Bryn listen to their heads and stay strictly professional? Or will they follow their hearts and admit their feelings toward each other?

War Witch: Rise

28320508Title: War Witch: Rise

Author: Cain S. Latrani

Genre:  Fantasy

Release Date: December 22, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis:  In the war between Heaven and Hell, mortals are the weapons. Granted Divine Power, the Blessed are agents of the Gods, seeking out the Demon Seed and showing them no mercy in an endless war for the fate of creation.

For one such Blessed, Ramora, mute warrior priestess of the God of War, saving the Middle World means hunting down the Dark Blessed who took everything from her. A fierce, strong, and clever Cleric, backed by a lost art of magic, she foolishly believes herself ready for the battles to come.

By her side, Chara, a young farm girl with an unusually agile mind, and a fate that may yet destroy her as she’s groomed by Heaven itself to be a weapon like none other. Her illusions of herself, and the nature of the world, will be stripped away as she faces absolute evil with nothing but her desire to stand firm.

Together, they will challenge Hell, and the most fearsome foe the world has ever seen.

A Harbinger’s Tale

28492019Title: A Harbinger’s Tale

Author: S.E. Rise

Genre:  Horror

Release Date: January 7, 2016

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing

Job Description: Proofreading

Synopsis:  I am just a normal guy with a bad job. When God came to me and offered the job, I couldn’t imagine what it would entail. My dead friends are ghosts who harass me, my best friend is the Supreme Entity and I get killed more times than I should. The job sucks but the reward is well worth it. I am the Harbinger of Doom, The Bringer of the Apocalypse and I will do what I have to do to get the job done. Come watch me save the world and destroy all of mankind. Sorry, but yes, it’s going to suck to be you.