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Need someone to write an article or a guest post for you? Are you looking for someone to write a press release? Heck, maybe even someone to write fiction for you, or a ghostwriter. You’ve come to the right address.

Press Releases

I can write a press release for your product or service. Press releases tend to be 300-600 words. You give me the angle (or I’ll come up with a possible angle, if you don’t know one) and I’ll write the release. Then I’ll send you the first draft, you send me your opinion, and I rework the release based on your suggestions.

On top of that, I also submit the press release to various online press release services.

My rate for writing a press release, with one round of comments, is $35. This is a flat rate, and your release will be 300-600 words.

Blog Posts

Websites with blog content get 97% more indexed links in search engines. If that’s not enough reason to have blog content, then think about the following. If you came across a website without blog content, and one with blog content, which website would you prefer to do business with? Websites with blog content appear active, and they appear like they’re run by actual people, and not just a static website set up eons ago.

I can help write content for your blog. My rates are $0.1 per word, which means a 100 word blog post would cost $10, and a 500 word blog post would cost $50.


I can write articles on a variety of topics. Each article will be unique, researched, edited, and upon your request, may include several (credited) pictures. Generally, I keep my articles under 1,000 words, but if you need a longer article, I’m willing to work with that as well.

My rates are $0.1 per word, which means a 100 word article would cost $10, and a 500 word article would cost $50. However, if the article is about a topic I am not familiar with and will have to research, or an article that requires extensive research, my rates are $0.2 per word. In that case, I’ll let you know beforehand though.


Need someone to ghostwrite a book for you? I’m a multi-published fiction author who has authored over six books last year, and will publish another five books this year, which makes me the perfect person for the job. You tell me your story idea, we have a chat about it, and then I’ll start ghostwriting the book for you. I’ll send it to you one chapter at a time, and make changes based on your suggestions.

My rates for ghostwriting differ for non-fiction and fiction projects, since non-fiction usually involves a lot more research. My rates for fiction ghostwriting are $0.5 per word. Rates for ghostwriting a non-fiction book are $0.75-$1 per word, depending on level of research. Get in touch for a quote.


Interested in my services? Fill in the form here, and I’ll get back to you within 72 hours. If the form doesn’t work, or you’d rather just shoot me an email, that works too.

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